While you can’t control the quality of the films you show, you can give your guests the best possible movie-going experience with a clean theater or multiplex. Anago of Phoenix offers exceptional movie theater cleaning services in Maricopa County to ease the burden on your staff.

Our cleaning specialists can handle:

  • Lobby and box office. Make a good first impression. We’ll leave windows, counters, and floors sparkling.
  • Concession stand. Get that spilt popcorn under control. We focus on floors, counters, and food-prep surfaces.
  • Auditoriums. No more sticky floors. We tackle soda, candy, and popcorn spills on hard floors, carpets, and seats, No Trash under seats, Blower. 
  • Bathroom facilities. Give these high-traffic areas extra attention. We deep-clean toilets, sinks, tile, grout, fixtures, and more. Video.
  • 24/7 Service. Nights, weekends and holidays, you still need janitorial services, and we’ll consistently provide them.

24/7 & 365 days a year

Our clients have 24/7 access to dedicated account managers, who will regularly inspect each location to ensure the highest level of quality control. Whether you are single movie theater or a national chain, our strict policies allow you to rest assured that your expectations are being met across all locations.

During our initial complimentary walk-through, we will make sure we understand the cleaning needs unique to your specific business and develop a customized proposal and cleaning plan. We offer everything from as-needed deep-cleans to regular daily service.