As a well-established, Contract cleaning service provider, R-Klean is keen to remind our employees and customers , of our humble beginnings as a small family run business built on the principles of honesty, reliability and with personal relationships at the fore.

After identifying a need to provide a more comprehensive and professional cleaning service to the commercial sector, we have grown into a successful market leader Contract cleaning company in Utah, but our home-grown principles remain. We’re about more than just cleaning. We’re about developing relationships and partnerships with our clients and working with them to find solutions to their problems.Management Functions: our internal online management system, ensures that our team adheres to the following four major management functions POLC.

  • Planning.  Defining goals, establishing strategy and developing sub-plans to coordinate activities through a flexible management approach.
  • Organising. Determining what needs to be done, how it will be done and who is to do it.
  • Leading: directing and motivating all relevant stakeholders through in-house and on-site training, employee suggestions and conflict resolution.
  • Controlling. Regular audits and maintenance activities are executed to ensure that tasks are accomplished as planned, with outcomes reviewed and evaluated with the aim of continuous improvement.

Our Core Values

R-Klean are guided by our Core Values.  These Core Values describe our company as we   want it to be, and we want our decisions and actions to demonstrate these Values.

  • Respect: taking time to understand and value each person and respecting their choices.
  • Responsibility: acting with integrity towards our staff, our customers, the community and the environment.
  • Caring: a duty of care for our staff, customers and the environment.
  • Excellence: to always look to provide the best quality experience with regards to our cleaning and our customer service.
  • Integrity: to act with honesty, openness and do what we say we will do.
  • Innovation: to be industry leaders.

Always a manager

Our business strategy is to always have a cleaning supervisor, their mission will be…

  1. Cleaning managers are responsible for managing a cleaning team assigned to buildings, cinemas, hospitals, sites, and other facilities.
  2. They are responsible for the overall management of all cleaning functions in the venue to ensure a clean, safe, and orderly experience for guests, customers, and workers.
  3. Cleaning managers allocate chores to workers and inspect work afterwards to ensure it is performed to meet standards.
  4. They also make arrangement for the repair of bad equipment and make a replacement for ones.
  5. They maintain enough supplies and inventory of cleaning products by making reorders when necessary.