Many companies are searching for reliable janitorial and office cleaning services in Utah. Our team at R-Klean offers exceptional cleaning services to our customers in various industries. 

We know how important it is to make a strong first impression on anyone that enters your space. That’s why we ensure that your workplace will be a healthy environment for your staff and consumers. 

We currently offer the following janitorial services as well as custom cleaning services tailored to your business’s needs:

  • Office Cleaning
  • Sanitization and Disinfection Cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning & Disinfection 
  • Common Area and Lunchroom Cleaning
  • Day Porter Cleaning
  • High-level Cleaning
  • Custom Cleaning Solutions
  • Emergency Cleaning Services

There’s no doubt about it — a clean office is beneficial for companies in many ways. For instance, when an office is tidier and less cluttered, it can lead to a more positive and productive work environment. There are endless benefits for seeking professional janitorial and office cleaning services:

  • It makes a valuable first impression on your clients and keeps them focused on your products and services.
  • It frees up your time so you can make your business a priority.
  • Feel confident knowing that you have risk-free and guaranteed service from a professional and reputable office cleaning company.
  • It creates a safer work environment since janitorial companies know what they’re doing and how to clean your premises properly. 

R-Klean is firmly established in Utah as being a reputable and expert cleaning company. We recruit and train the best staff possible, who pay attention to the little details and get your office space as clean as possible. We want to ensure our customers are satisfied with our services, which is why each establishment will get a regular visit from one of our supervisors, tailoring housekeeping reports to your specific business.  

We have provided janitorial and office cleaning services throughout the greater Utah. Our experienced team starts with our dedicated workforce and extends through our management. There are no better cleaning solutions in the Greater Utah Area.

Your Employees and Clients Will Notice Your Clean Office

Your employees, clients, and visitors to your facility deserve a sparkling clean and fresh experience. Even if they do not comment, they are taking notice. A clean office environment is a productive environment with less distraction, fewer sick days, and a greater sense of professionalism, care, and appreciation.

Latest Technology

Our office cleaning team constantly updates processes, products, and equipment to keep up to date with changes in our industry. Proper training and communication make the difference in having a successful janitorial and office cleaning company.

A Janitorial and Office Cleaning Company You Can Trust 

Many of our workplace cleaning teams have tenure of more than ten years with our company. Our team’s hard work and dedication do not go unnoticed and show in the results of the facilities we maintain.

We Listen to Our Customers

We listen to our customers right from the start. Identifying concerns and acting on suggestions directly from the beginning helps build a strong foundation for a long prosperous business relationship.

Adapt to Changes

As customer needs and requirements change over time, we respond and tailor our janitorial services. We deliver the services needed wholly and efficiently on time and within your budget.

Here are some other advantages about our services that our customers find appealing:

  • Tailoring flexible programs for each client.
  • Assistance at all times of the day or night, whatever suits your schedule.
  • 24/7 access to management staff.
  • Implementing recycling programs and the option of environmentally friendly cleaning systems.